Lavish Children’s Parties

Going over the top with Children’s Parties

As time goes on parents are being placed under a lot of pressure to give children a good party and kids parties are becoming increasingly lavish as a result. So much so that it can become a real stress for parents to organise. Children’s Parties can already be a stress without the unnecessary pressure of trying to make it a lavish event that will  keeps up with increasing  expectations.

There seems to be a growing trend that you have to offer more and more at kids parties and make it thoroughly creative and different form the last one.

We think it should be remembered that kids parties are exactly that – they’re for kids. Not the parents. If you want children to enjoy the party then keep it simple.  That’s it. Do be creative and make it fun and imaginative. But that doens’t mean you have to spend loads of money.

Usually it’s the parties that don’t involve spending too much that turn out the most successful in terms of kids enjoying them.

More often than not, if a party has too many activities, even after all the stressing of keeping up with Joneses, the kids don’t enjoy it anywhere near as much as they would do if it was just kept simple.


Case Study

A BBC Three programme was aired last year showing four case studies of parents that went really over the top with their kids parties, spending literally thousands of pounds on children that were only seven years old. Whilst the party was probably done with good intentions, to give her son a good time – it ended in being a total waste of money that the kids didn’t enjoy. The mum had turned her barn into a wild west tavern with buckaroo soft play pools, she had hired tractors, bought stacks of hays,  entertainers, performers, etc… Kids didn’t know what to concentrate on.

She then found after spending all that money on tonnes of activities for the kids inside, the kids didn’t even want to play with them or join in. They wanted to go out and enjoy the sunshine. The mum had to call out to the kids to try and get them to come back inside but they didn’t want to. What a waste of money.



This is an extreme example but parents do tend to try and lavish their kids with lots of activities and it’s not as fun as if you had a straightforward children’s entertainer.

The other problem is it puts a lot of pressure on other Mums to try and compete. Or if they can’t compete financially they find it stressful to find less costly ways to put on lavish parties.

Also the more complicated the party, the more there is to organise and the less likely you as a parent are to enjoy the party, or see your kids enjoy it. After all if you’re doing it for the kids shouldn’t you be able to watch them have fun.

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