Tips on choosing a children’s entertainer

Tips on choosing a children’s entertainer

Nowadays there is so much choice for children’s parties. You are pulled in different directions for what to go for and how do you know who is any good and who is not?

If you can get a recommendation then that’s the best thing. Chat to some other parents about what they did in the past and see if they can give you any contact numbers.

If that’s not an option or you want something different you need to start your search form scratch. As a general rule look for testimonials on entertainer’s websites.

Start by asking your child what they’d actually like. e.g. a magician, clown, pirate party, princess party, disco, etc… then you can narrow your search.

The key to a successful party though is to keep things simple. Don’t feel you have to lavish the kids with loads of activities like bouncy castles, face painting, an entertainer, piñata, etc… Kids want to have fun, yes. But I have been too so many kids’ parties where there has been too much choice for the kids all in one go and they don’t know what to concentrate on. Parties for children should be simple and make sure, if you do have different activities, they are on at different times and not competing for the kid’s attention.

The great thing about a children’s entertainer is they should offer a diverse spectrum of activities in one show, without having to need anything else.

Different Options to consider:

Babies and toddlers:

A great combination of activities is parachute games, nursery rhymes and sing along songs, large props, puppets, bubbles, music and balloon modelling.

General Entertainer/ magician:

For ages from 3 up to about 8, entertainers should offer things like magic, games, dancing/ disco, balloon modelling, puppetry, prizes for the kids, comedy and gags, themes, bubbles and lots and lots of silliness, energy and fun. Some entertainers only offer a few of these things but you should really opt for someone that offers the whole package otherwise too much of the same activity can lead to the children getting bored and losing focus.


It’s always fun to have a themed party but still keep it simple. Often parents want to create an elaborate story in the theme and pack it with tonnes of creative ideas. Young children can only concentrate on so much. Creative – yes but elaborate – no. Let the entertainer talk to you about what they can do to incorporate the theme. But it’s always good to still keep the same core elements you’d expect in a children’s party like magic, games, dancing, puppets, balloon modelling, prizes, etc…  More on theme later on in the blog.


It’s really nice to have a clown but it’s best to only do this for ages 4 and up or else they might get scared of the face paint and nose, etc…

Again though you should expect the activities included to involve much of what is described above.


Great for older kids who have maybe seen enough of the magic and puppetry routines and want to be way more active, jumping around and dancing.

Snow and bubble machines are a great thing to have here. Kids go crazy over it.

Face Painting:

Always consider this as an optional extra. It’s never essential. And do remember if you get a face painter you need to have something else going on to entertain the kids whilst it’s happening. Sounds obvious but you’d be surprised how many people we get asking us for someone to do balloons and magic and games, and still be able to face paint all the kids at the same time.

Drama Parties/ Acting Parties:

These are becoming more and more popular. If your kid goes to a drama club you’ll have some idea of what to expect. The party takes the form of mainly games and dancing, with the incorporation of a simple and fun story that progresses with each activity that is played in the party.

If you want some great ideas for parties for children  take a look at some of the choices here.


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