Step by step guide to organising your children’s party!

Step by step guide to organising your children’s party!

For many mums the task of organising a children’s party is a very daunting one, especially if this is the first kid’s party you are doing. Being a professional organiser of children’s parties myself, I see parents falling into a lot of the same pitfalls time and time again. These really can be easily avoided.

Below is a step by step guide on organising your little one’s big day:

The date

The first thing to do is obviously sort out the date. This sounds straight forward but make sure there isn’t another children’s party happening or likely to happen on that day otherwise you’ll be competing for guests. You also want to try to avoid school holidays and half terms as a lot of parents take their children away around then.


Once you’ve got your date set, you obviously need a venue. You can of course have it at home but children’s parties can get very messy in the house. If you have a good sized room it should be fine.  But if you want to avoid extra stress, a medium sized hall might be better. Obvious places to look are church halls. Other places to try though are schools with sports halls for hire. You might find your local council has a page on their website with venues to hire too. Some cafe’s and restaurants often have separate venue hire that are often used for children’s parties or even leisure centres.

Children’s entertainer

Once you’ve got your venue the next thing is to get yourself a children’s entertainer. You can do it yourself to save some money, but make sure you are confident at keeping kids happy for 2 hours and have lots of different activities under your belt. You need lots of diverse activities for a children’s party. Here are a great list of party games for you to check out.

However, an entertainer is becoming more and more the norm. Entertainers know what they’re doing (the good ones anyway) and it does take the stress off. For ideas and help with getting a children’s entertainer see my other blog ‘tips on choosing a children’s entertainer’ or you can take a look at some of these options for kids’ parties.

To get a good entertainer you need to book well in advance – about a month in advance is recommended so don’t leave it too late.


You’ve now got the main elements sorted. It just leaves for you to send the invites out. With all kids’ parties you should aim to do this at least 3-4 weeks in advance. Sadly RSVPS are always a headache. You will rarely manage to get rsvps back promptly so do be prepared for this. But feel free to give parents a gentle nudge if they’ve not replied about 2 weeks before the party.


The day of the party!

We see loads of parents wishing they’d been able to enjoy seeing their kids have fun and take photos of the day but they were too busy in the kitchen sorting all the food out. It’s a real shame if you can’t see your kids having all that fun. Try to get a few friends or mums of the other children to stay and help you with the food during the party. With more hands on deck you should have time to take photos too instead of stressing in the kitchen.


Let’s face it. It’s a children’s party. Kids want sweets, crisps and cake!  But don’t just pile on the e numbers! A balanced mixture of junk food and healthy options are what you should aim for. The key is to keep the food bite size. For general ideas on party food see my other blog on‘kids party food ideas’.

Party bags

It seems to be the norm to have something for kids to go away with at the end of a party but it doesn’t have to be a party bag. You can easily get away with giving out a piece of cake and a toy. Some parents wrap up a small kids book. A good children’s entertainer will make sure they give out prizes to the kids and balloons. So you can get away with just letting the kids go home with that and they will be more than happy.

However if you do go for a party bag, keep it simple and don’t feel you have to spend the earth.  There are loads of shops you can go to for party bag goodies or go online for party bag shops.

That’s it. You’ve done it. Organising parties for children needn’t be stressful and we hope you even find it fun. Hope you’ve found this post useful and good luck with the organising!!


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